Monday, December 1, 2014

Adam '15: November

Happy November, everyone! This past month has been extremely busy. For the first part of October, I was hard at work on the Fall Play. This year, our director chose to do two shows, and we created a mash up of adapted works by the French playwright Molière. I was lucky enough to star in both Scapin and The Medicine Show. I played Geronté, an older gentleman deceived by a doctor and his very own servant. My character was exuberant and overly emotional, and it was nice to play such a humorous role. More importantly, however, the time commitment reminded me of what it’s like to be in an ensemble. It’s easy enough to come to rehearsal once a week, memorize lines, and then perform, but the real fun and value of being in a show comes from being an active cast member. My final play reminded me of why I love participating in theater.

            As always, college has been on my mind, too. Around this time, seniors are finishing up with their standardized testing and, if they are applying to schools early, finalizing their applications. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a stressful time—this is a decision that impacts the next four years of our lives and provides us with future opportunities. However, with the help of our college guidance counselors, advisors, and other supporters, as well as the new college guidance seminar for which the new schedule makes time, it’s a bit easier to stay calm. I look forward to continuing to update you all!

On another note, it was so great to see so many faces at the Fall Open House this October, so I hope to see many of you coming back and visiting!

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sydney '15

October has been a very productive month for me. I completed my senior speech and finished applying to colleges. I was even notified of my acceptance to two colleges already! It is all very exciting and I love thinking about college; however, for now I am a senior and I am enjoying my year. I have completed my assignments while still making time to go to dinner or see a movie with a group of friends.

I included a picture of my friend Liza and I posing on a blazer day during flex time. Flex time has been my favorite time of the day, because I get to relax and hang out with my friends at school. Additionally, we have had some very fun events at school that made October a really fun month. For example, we got to hear a mens acapella group at assembly-it was really entertaining!
Also, seniors had the opportunity to walk with a child in the preprimary school at USM to show off his or her costume. I included a picture of me and Joselin walking in the Masquerade March-she is adorable!

Overall, I am enjoying the school year!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Evan '16: October@USM

For a student here at USM, sports are one of the many activities they take part in. As a private school, USM has the chance to allow each and everyone one of its students to participate in a sport through the no-cut policy; meaning no one will be cut from the sport if the are not at an advance level. I believe this is one of the many unique things USM offers to its students. There are many sports that are offered for all including field hockey, lacrosse, cross-country, hockey, and the list can go on. Signing up for a sport as an incoming student is a great way to meet new students even before school begins in the fall through summer practices. As an incoming freshman, I joined the cross-country team, which helped me build life-long friendships as well as relationships with people from different grades.

These past few months have been very exciting for all the fall sports. Our girl’s field hockey team is the undefeated state champions of the 2015 fall season as well as the USM’s girls varsity tennis team won the division two state champion. I recently participated in the school’s cross-country team and it has been a fun filled and rewarding season. At conferences, both boys and girls cross country won together. This was the first time both boys and girls team had won during the same year. Also at sectionals races two of or best girl runners placed in the top five qualifying them for a chance at the state meet in Wisconsin Rapids. I have learned so much by being apart of this team such as improving my skills as a team leader and connecting with students who I never thought had so much in common with me. Overall this month of October was filled with enthusiasm and has made me excited for the upcoming winter sports.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Margaret '15: September@USM

Nerd day during Homecoming Week!
USM’s homecoming week was full of dress up days and celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the school. My personal favorite dress up theme was nerds, greasers, and preps. I dressed up as a nerd (pictured below with freshman, Mia). Other dress up themes included twin day/dynamic duo, pajama day, homecoming t-shirt day, and blue and gold day. On the Wednesday before homecoming, we had an upper school pep rally, where each sports team did a performance or an activity. The swim team’s activity was particularly entertaining; they picked people from each grade and had faculty members do a relay race on scooters, lying on their stomachs to simulate swimming. On Friday we had an all school pep rally in our blue and gold, where each grade did their own spirit cheer, faculty members participated in the ice bucket challenge, and more. 

Senior Retreat
At the end of September, there were a few days where the juniors went on a college trip, the sophomores did service, and the freshmen and seniors had respective retreats. Senior retreat totally changed the element of the senior class. We were all separated into groups where we didn’t know each other very well. After three days of activities and getting to know one another, our group has now become very close and is now planning on going to a trampoline park together. Not only do I feel closer to the eight other people who were in my small group, but I also feel as if our grade is closer as a whole. Since I am afraid of heights, I was very nervous going on the high ropes course. The first activity I got through, but barely. The second, however, I climbed a ladder with a partner, and having a friend there with me made me much more comfortable. Through large and small group conversations, we shared our struggles and how we have overcome them, and the best memories that we have shared. The month of September has made me even more excited for my senior year and I can’t wait to make the most of it. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chris '15: September@USM

Student section at the Homecoming football Game!!!
The many late nights of finishing homework and staring at a computer screen have begun. The homework load is bigger than ever, and it’s a grind, but I’m still enjoying every bit of my senior year. Many “lasts” have happened already like my last back to school dance and last homecoming week. School is insanely different this year too. The schedule is different, lunches are different, senior speeches are different, the list goes on. It’s a lot to get used to, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it. And last but not least: college applications. There are so many awesome colleges out there, it’s really hard to decide where to apply to or how many schools to apply to. But I am certainly praying that I will be done and have sent my apps out by the time I write to you next. It should be interesting waiting in anticipation for months.

Before the Homecoming dance...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Turquoise '16: September@USM

Spirit Week!!!
It has been a fantastic first month of school! September is a busy month at USM.  One of the best parts of September is Homecoming and the dress up Spirit Week dress up days. My favorite day, aside from pajama day, was “Preps, Nerds and Greasers”. My friends and I had a blast dressing up as 1960s Greasers, along with the majority of the Upper School. Besides going to Homecoming, competing in JV Tennis matches, and watching late night soccer and football games, I also enjoyed going on the junior college trips.

I was on Trip B, which visited to Loyola University Chicago, University of Chicago, Beloit College, and University of Madison. While I did enjoy certain aspects of each individual university or college, like the large, urban feel of UW-Madison and the “Hogwarts-like” and Gothic atmosphere of the University of Chicago, I was also able to identify facets that I didn’t like as much, which is just as important when looking into colleges. We even got to see a few USM alumni, who told us a bit about their college experience so far.

I found the tours and information sessions very helpful. I have always wanted to go to a school outside of the Midwest. After visiting the colleges, I gained a better understanding of certain qualities and programs schools have to offer, and which kinds of universities or colleges may work for me. Of course, this is only the beginning of the grueling college process, but I am excited, and am looking forward to take the next steps towards my education.

Campus of the University of Chicago

Monday, September 15, 2014

Meet our Bloggers: Chris '15

Name: Chris
Grade: 12
Hometown: Germantown
Hobbies: hockey, reading the dictionary, working out, eating, drawing, netflixing
Favorite foods: Qdoba burritos, Taco Tuesdays at USM

Hello all, my name is Chris and I am a senior at USM this year. So far, it’s been pretty awesome I must say. Anyways, I came to University School my sophomore year and I absolutely loved it. I am involved in a wide variety of things such as hockey captain, co-leader of spirit club, co-founder of movie club, student ambassador, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. 

I’m pretty pumped for one more year of high school. With all the essays and applications and many different colleges to choose from, I have no doubt I'll be having a few anxiety attacks in the near future. Anyways, the year starts out pretty fun with the back to school dance, homecoming, and senior retreat. Then after all that, the next thing to look forward to will be hockey season. I have been on skates and in the rink since I was about 2 years old. With our insane rink and locker rooms, hockey at USM is one of the things I love most about it. I look forward to a wide variety of things this year and I have no doubt I will enjoy it and I will be excited to receive that USM diploma in May.